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VFT Aarti Home


PPF is a proud partner and sponsor of Vijay Foundation Trust, providing support through ideas and funding for Aarti Home and for the construction of a new school for Aarti Home.

Aarti Home History

Aarti Home, a home for orphaned and abandoned children, was started in 1992. Started with just five children in a rented house, Aarti Home presently is home to 97 children ranging from 1 year to 20 years of age. Over the years, Aarti Home has opened its doors to many needy children, some needing a security for a short time, some coming in when they are no older than a day old and leaving the home when they are ready to face the world.

Aarti Home provides orphan and needy children with a safe and loving environment.  They educate them and give them a start in life by providing emotional, physical and monetary support. By giving them access to information, infrastructure, health care and providing opportunities for a secure tomorrow, they impart a sense of values, civic duty and self confidence in the children. Even after they move out and settle down in life, Aarti Home will always be their maternal home.

Aarti Home remains a parental home- a home where children find security, love and a place to call their own.  The children form sibling-like bonds with each other, receive the best education possible, are provided with nutritious meals and access to great medical care.  In other words, Aarti Home attempts to love and care for their children in the same manner any parent would for their own child. 


If you would like to help VFT Aarti Home reach its goal of providing a Home and education for children in need, please visit our donation page here. 100% of your donation will go directly to cause we are supporting and your donation is eligible for tax deduction, as provided by law.